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I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have recognized the value of the research, publishing and public appearances presented and linked on this site. Your generous donations make this work possible. Together we will overcome the leftist Goliaths one battle at a time and restore liberty, free markets and the constitutional model to America.

For your generous donation of $100 or more, you are entitled to receive a uniquely serial-numbered and personally signed 'Bronze series' copy of Escape from Berkeley: An EX-liberal progressive socialist embraces America (and doesn't apologize). For $1,000 or more, donors get one 'Silver series' copy. While they last, donors participating at the Silver level will receive original final proof copies. ONLY 3 SUCH COPIES REMAIN.

I thank you very much.
Howard Hyde

P.S. The corporate entity is 'RADical Information Design Corporation'

P.P.S If you are interested in supporting work of this nature but MUST have a tax-deductible donation, please consider the American Freedom Alliance, with whom I have a close relationship. The money will NOT go to me, but will support the institution through which I and my colleagues are working to leverage the talent of all of the conservative intellectuals and scholars that the left has excluded, banned, silenced and/or prosecuted.
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