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Selected Articles and Appearances by Howard Hyde

America’s Elite Warriors, 1942 – 2017
Book Review: "Oppose Any Foe: The Rise of America’s Special Operations Forces," by Mark Moyar

Assessing President Rodham Clinton's First 100 days
By any objective historical measure, the achievements of President Hillary Rodham Clinton have been extraordinary.

Calexit: Make Our Day
Let the Progressives have their independent Republic of California, and see how long it takes to go the way of Argentina or Venezuela.

Obamacare Replacement: Waiting for Godzilla
Fixing health care will not be accomplished in one fell swoop.

Repeal (and don't replace) TEFRA 1706
...and every other law that subjugates American entrepreneurs under bureaucrats.

Los Angeles City College Panel post-2016 Election
Reporters' Notebook: Artists Trump Fear - YouTube
Post election despair and uncertainty prompted a creative response from artistsat Los Angeles City College.

Defeated by Their Own Unforced Errors
For all of Trump's strengths, an extra assist was needed to ensure victory.

Hillary's Bright Shining Lies
Let us give credit where it is due: She is polished, refined, well-rehearsed, and expert at hitting all of the focus group-tested notes.

Trump is the Right Candidate
Donald Trump was not my first, second, or sixteenth choice in the primaries. But in the General, he is first, last and Only.

NationalReview.com: The Democrats’ War on Civic Participation
Book review: Kimberly Strassel (of the Wall Street Journal)'s "The Intimidation Game: How the left is silencing free speech"

Why should anyone need or want an AR-15?
To save innocent lives, like those in Orlando, San Bernardino, and Paris, and ...

Why should Blacks vote Conservative?
Blacks who aspire to achieve the American Dream for themselves and their community should support conservative political candidates and policies, because these are the leaders and laws who have enabled the greatest number of people of all walks of life to achieve that dream.

Interview with Larry Elder on Climate Change
At the conclusion of the Hearland Institute's 10th annual conference on climate change June 12, 2015, Howard Hyde was interviewed for 15 minutes by Larry Elder on his radio program.

Climate Change: Where is the Science?
It doesn't take a PhD to know what science is and isn't; climate science as practiced by the IPCC, Al Gore and their fellow travelers does not qualify.

Back to the Future and the Solution to Climate Change
The Global Warming alarmists are effectively claiming to have received the infallible Climate almanac for the next one hundred years. If that is so, then they don't need any help to solve the problem. Let them put up (their own money, not ours) or shut up.

Conservative Fundraising: What-Me-Worry?
In the popular consciousness as successfully twisted by the progressive left, it is axiomatic that the Republican Party is the party of the rich, and therefore conservatives must easily out-raise and out-spend liberals in the fundraising wars.
Reality, of course, paints a very different picture.

America's Least Wanted?
Pair of Fugitives on the Lam Caught on Chipotle Security Camera.

Hillary's Path to 9/11
Imagine censorship coming to America.
Stop imagining.

Do We Need a Black History Month?
'Black History Month' has been praised and criticized by blacks and whites alike. But as long as we have it, I can think of plenty of individuals I would be eager to honor.

Video: Howard Hyde Interviewed about 2014 general election results on Califonia Edition
Howard Hyde's 2nd appearance on 'California Edition' with Brad Pomerance.

Video: Howard Hyde Interviewed about Obamacare on Califonia Edition
Howard Hyde interviewed by TV Journalist Brad Pomerance on 'California Edition' on the California Channel.

Post-Obamacare Reform
Obamacare is Dead. Here's what to do next.

The Best Presentation of the Founding Fathers of the United States
The best lecture ever given on the Founding Fathers of the United States, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution... is in Spanish, presented by José Piñera at the Universidad Francisco Marronquin in Guatemala in 2010.

Video: Howard Hyde Speaks at Annual Meeting of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
Howard Hyde presented his vision and strategy for defeating Obamacare at the annual meeting of the AAPS.

Seriously Though, Why Be A Republican?
We can all point to one or more failings of the official party at the county, state, or national level as well as those of individual prominent Republican politicians.

Why Be A Republican?
Many would-be Republicans feel that the party is flawed.

Policy, Liberty And Coalitions
Social conservatives, libertarians and tea-partiers need to bury the hatchet and work together.

Libertarianism And Republicans
Should Republicans applaud or fear libertarianism?

Answering The Libertarian Indictments On Iraq
A response to thoughtful libertarian criticism of neo-conservative foreign policy.

Our Intolerable Success in Iraq
Of the opportunities in Iraq squandered in our national insistence on our own inadequacy or even evil, few rank as highly as religious freedom and plurality.

Peace Requires A Permanent Commitment
Achieving peace and democracy requires more than knocking down a couple of walls and bringing the boys home by Christmas.

India Gets It–But America Doesn’t
Reflections on the recent election in India

Fire the Real Boss of the Veteran's Administration
The unconscionable and unconsititutional power and privileges of the public employee unions is the single most significant driver of the crisis at the VA, as it is with state and county budgets from New Jersey to California.

Townhall Meeting Follies
Where do the constituents making these earnest pleas think the money for all of this comes from?

Throw the Bums...In!
Legislators have at least the one redeeming quality that they are the directly chosen representatives of the people, nominally accountable through the election process.

The Unaffordable Mandate Act
“If you like your (sub-standard, lousy, bottom-feeding) health plan, you can keep it, period. No matter what. Unless it changed. Unless we change the rules. Unless you can’t.” Right.

Where Do Jobs Come From?
"There are economics and business majors across the USA (and probably Canada too) who will graduate in May or June of next year who have not yet read one article like this."

Unemployed College Grads of the World, Unite!
Young people who have spent their entire lives being 'educated' by public employeee unions and leftist professors should wake up and learn some basic economics, to understand what is happening to them.

It’s the Constitution, Stupid!
The U.S. Constitution needs seven new ammendments, including an economic literacy test for public officials and the requirement that legislators read the bills they vote on.

Nation Building in Iraq 10 years on
On the tenth aniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom, folks on the Left and on the Right are musing on the mission’s successes and failures. The verdict is mixed, with the idea of nation-building in an Arab-Muslim nation of warring tribal factions receiving a fair helping of skepticism.

Report From CPAC 2013
No one who attended CPAC in April 2013 could fail to be challenged to think more deeply about the critical issues we face today not just as conservatives, libertarians, Tea Partiers and/or Republicans, but as Americans; and to come away energized and determined to redouble our efforts to restore constitutional democracy, fiscal sanity, strength abroad, prosperity at home and the liberty that America has always stood for.

How do you solve a problem like Dennis Rodman?
The recent visit by celebrity basketball cross-dresser Dennis Rodman to the Asian Gulag Kingdom of Kim Jung Un has re-ignited the debate over what degree of normal relations should be accorded to confirmed genocidal maniacs before it merely encourages more genocide. In particular it raises the question of liberty of individuals, in this case rich and famous American citizens, to associate with monsters of their choosing, as implicitly guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Confessions of an Ex-Liberal- Socialist-Progressive-Democrat from Berkeley
Many of my followers have expressed interest in my transformation from Liberal Socialist Progressive Democrat in Berkeley to Pro-Capitalist Conservative Libertarian Republican. Here then is my story.

Why Government Interference in Markets Always Fails
A simple lesson from Ludwig von Mises that should burn down 90+% of what governments are currently attempting to do.

What Do Young People Believe?
Reflecting on the extatic cheering throngs of people who will be left with the consequences of the 2012 election decades after this author and his cohort are long gone.

Is there hope for Califrancia?
A generation ago, California boasted the 6th most productive economy in the world, as compared to other nation states; now we’re number 8 and headed lower.

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