Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Don't Let California Happen to You

Please pass this along to 1,000 of your closest non-Californian friends.

I write this from Prescott, Arizona, on a mini-vacation before my appearance before the Republican Women of Prescott, where I read in a local paper that another multi-million dollar company has left Southern California to settle in ... Prescott. It seems one can't even escape depressing news about California by getting away from it, because wherever you go, you find people (especially creative, productive business people and entrepreneurs) who are getting out while they still can.

We can only hope that voters in the battleground states, and those states receiving waves of un-vetted refugees from California, are paying attention. For what is California now, but the Utopia where every progressive dream has come true? One-party rule or close to it in every significant center of political power, cradle-to-premature-grave nanny state, Obamacare on steroids, high and rising taxes which the Hollywood and Silicon Valley rich seem nevertheless able to avoid, sanctuary cities, bankrupt social services, highest rate of poverty in its history, failing public schools, smoke-and-mirrors budget games, the strictest (and getting stricter) gun control regime in the country, disarming and criminalizing law-abiding Americans who hold silly and outdated notions of American traditions and constitutional rights while simultaneously releasing actual violent felons on to the streets to "save money" on incarceration, good riddance to evil greedy capitalists.

Mr. and Mrs. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Arizona... [fill in your state name HERE], do you understand that you are next? All of the joys of California Dreamin' can be yours! And how easily it will come! All you have to do is let Hillary win! After all, Donald Trump said nasty, dirty, disgusting things eleven years ago. Fetch the smelling salts, Hillary has fainted again! Perfectly impartial people with no bias other than a deep, abiding contempt for anyone or anything remotely conservative or associated with the Republican Party have accused him of sexual assault. The horror! We've NEVER been subjected to any scandal comparable to this except for almost every other Democrat to run for or hold the office of President of the United States for the past fifty-six years!

America, don't let California happen to you!