Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trump is the general that we have

I implore my good friends not to indulge in the next two and a half months in anything that could contribute even marginally to the possibility of Hillary Clinton being elected President of the United States. Whatever Trump's faults -- and he has plenty of them -- they pale in comparison to the corruption and evil of Hillary and the destruction she will bring to our country and the world.

There are intelligent men and women who are predicting a landslide victory for Trump, while other equally intelligent people are predicting a landslide defeat. Since all predictions regarding the Trump phenomenon by traditional pundits and methods have failed repeatedly for the past year, I caution anyone against believing any smugly asserted certainties, least of all polls. It is just as likely that this election will be decided by a hanging chad in a county no one has ever heard of in one of the "battleground" states.  If Hillary wins by a hairline margin, what will you say about what you did to prevent it?

Our civilization is in dire peril. Our constitutional rights are being erased. The First and Second Amendments are under assault. American citizens are denied religious liberty, the ability to defend themselves against gangsters and terrorists, or even to talk about these things in the public square. As we speak (so to speak), conservatives are losing non-political back-office cubicle jobs in American corporations for the crime of participating in the civic process. Fired for being grassroots activist Republicans.

With Trump, we will have a fighting chance to turn these alarming trends around. He has exploded political correctness; he speaks unvarnished truths about the Democrat-induced social pathologies that BobDoleJohnMcCainMittRomneyJebBush never could, would, did or will; and pledged support for the right of law-abiding citizens to carry firearms. Hillary on the other hand will shut people up, lock people up, collapse the economy, eviscerate the Constitution, confiscate our guns and sell us out to our adversaries.

Trump is the general that we have today; all other (16+) alternatives have been exhausted for now. Let us stand together now, and resume the bickering next February.

May God bless and preserve America.

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