Wednesday, July 13, 2016

George Gilder Interview on the Howard Hyde Radio Show

The Howard Hyde Show is on the Conservative Commandos Radio Network.
This week's show will be broadcast at 5PM ET, 2PM PT Wednesday, July 13 on Philadelphia's WNJC AM 1360; Catch it LIVE on the web at

Featuring Interview: George Gilder, author of "The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street recovers but the economy never does".
(Also by George Gilder: Wealth and Poverty, Microcosm, Telecosm, and Knowledge and Power)

Wednesday, July 13 Show Segments (4-12 minutes each):
  1. 00:00 Opening
  2. 03:51 The Godmother Donna Corleone Clinton Update: The Trey Gowdy-Jim Comey interrogation
  3. 11:15 George Gilder Interview Part 1
  4. 17:32 George Gilder Interview Part 2
  5. 28:02 George Gilder Interview Part 3
  6. 37:09 George Gilder Interview Part 4
  7. 50:01 Donald Trump Update: The Dream-Team Cabinet
  8. 57:15 - 58:00 Close

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