Sunday, November 16, 2014

Obamacare is terminally ill. What next?

Rumors of Obamacare's viability were greatly exagerated. There never was majority support for it, and now that the American people know what's in it, they like it less and less with each passing day. Every Republican Senator who unseated a sitting Democrat senator in the election just past ran on a Repeal-and-Replace, anti-Obamacare platform.
But if Obamacare is dead, what do we do now?
We proceed incrementally but inexorably to reverse all of the destructive provisions of the ACA and implement free market-oriented reform. There is bipartisan agreement on things like repealing the medical device tax; we can start there.
Republicans should not shy away from putting bills on Obama's desk that he is likely to veto. Let him show his true colors to the American people and demonstrate the need for a differently-oriented president come the 2016 election.
As I wrote in detail last February in Front Page Magazine, there are and always have been plenty of alternatives to socialized medicine. The task now is to get those alternatives into the public consciousness, before the liberals promote Single Payer as the only viable option.
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