Saturday, September 13, 2014

A 'Best of' on Jobs and Employment

By Howard Hyde
My November 2013 article 'Where Do Jobs Come From?' asked and explained the fundamental mechanics of job creation and growth, which are not taught in schools or universities today; not even, it seems, in economics degree programs. The article hasn't lost any steam in the 10 months since it was first published.

Here is a sampling of the responses:
"Howard, excellently done. You lay out in simple language that anyone can understand the dynamics of job creation. This essay should be required reading in high schools (and middle schools) throughout the country." - Gary Aminoff

"There are economics and business majors across the USA (and probably Canada too) who will graduate in May or June of next year. And they have not yet read one article like this. It is not in the curriculum. Nor have they had one of their professors (more like Teacher's Assistants these days, I think) lecture the points made here." - Fernando

"Excellent article, Mr. Hyde, it should be required reading and re-reading...each & every year for all youngsters from Jr. High, Sr. High and throughout their college, trade school and / or apprenticeship years of education." - KansasCindy

"This article is an exemplar of clarity, logic, and structure, in its advocacy of literacy in fundamental market economics. It deftly shows how -- with nary a care -- the winds of government caprice or malice can blow down the tenuous structure of businesses large or small, startup or established. If students understood these straightforward concepts -- why would third grade be too early to introduce them? -- we'd be producing better-educated, more self-reliant, capitalism-oriented adults." - Dernan_Ruton

"Mr. Hyde, you get an AAA+ for this article! I cannot tell you how many times I've needed this information." - ATMember

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