Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bill's (Sacramento) Bills - July 2014

By William Saracino
[As published in the July 26 edition of the Newsletter of the Southern California Republican Women and Men]
We have a little of the good and the bad from the Capitol Clown Car, and some of the truly ugly from the national scene. First, from the pointy building in downtown Sacramento, to start off with a change of pace – a couple of actual beneficial pieces of legislation. The good:
Assembly Bill (AB) 1711 - Cooley. Requires an economic impact assessment for regulatory acts passed either by the legislature or a state agency. What a concept.
AB 2723 – Medina. Modifies the state rulemaking process to require state agencies to consider the effect of regulations on sole proprietorships and other small businesses when assessing the economic impact of a proposed regulation.
AB 2362 – Grove. Authorizes the forfeiture of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits whether the individual was prosecuted for UI benefit fraud under the penal code or the UI code.
AB 2866 – Brown. Prevents an employer from being financially penalized through the assessment of statutory civil and criminal penalties, fines, and interest if the employer relies in good faith on written advice from a stage agency and a court determines the agnecy’s advice was wrong.
The bad:
AB 1522 – Gonzalez. Increases employer mandates by requiring all employers, large and small, to provide all employees - including part time and temporary - with paid sick leave, and threatens employers with statutory penalties and litigation.
AB 483 – Ting. Thwarts the will of the voters when they passed Prop 26 ( 2010) that reuires all local taxes must be approved by voters.
Senate Bill (SB) 241 – Evans. Imposes a 9.9% of value tax on each barrel of oil severed. Just the thing to discourage oil exploration in California and raise gas prices even more.

And for the truly ugly – the situation at the Mexican border. There are two iron-clad rules in politics. The first is that there are no coincidences in politics. The second is that there are no exceptions to the first rule. The chaos at the border is no coincidence. It is a pre-planned attempt to flood the border, overwhelm the border patrol, disperse the hundreds of thousands (yes, that will be the final number) of illegals untraceably throughout the country and institute de-facto amnesty for them. This has been the clear intent of Obama from several months ago up to his recent refusal to go to the border.
After being surprised by the vehemence of the bi-partisan backlash to the de-facto open border policy, Barry O. said several times in recent days that all the illegal minors would be sent back to their home countries. He’s lying. None of them will be.
Truth is they will be “ticketed” for future appearances before immigration courts – then sent throughout the country and expected to show up of their own volition months from now to face deportation hearings. Can I see the hands of anyone who thinks the illegals will show up for these hearings? Anyone with a raised hand please see me later for a terrific bargain on a bridge.
This is a pre-planned strategy from the Regime to create the liberal dream, totally open borders, without Barry O. having to issue the executive order to do so. My gumbas the ancient Romans had a saying “cui bono”, or “who benefits” to explain how to find the truth. Applied to the current border situation there is only one answer, and it isn’t the American people or our Republic. There are no coincidences in politics.