Sunday, May 04, 2014

Top Posts of All Time

Here below are the Top 9 most popular articles posted on since its inception in 2006:

#9: "Nation Building in Iraq 10 Years On"
How come no one in the Bush administration ever proposed a Capitalist model for Iraq's petroleum industry?

#8: "Milton Friedman on Socialized Medicine"
With your Obamacare debate, get some wisdom from one of the greatest economists of the 20th century

#7: "121 Reasons to Reject Obama-Reid-PelosiCare"
Written in 2009 before the PPACA was passed, this pamphlet still encapsulates the essential facts, true today as they were then, about Obamacare: Unnecessary, Destructive, Doomed to Failure.
See also: "Pull the Plug on Obamacare"
100-page common-sense citizen pamphlet on how Obamacare was sold on false premises, is accomplishing the opposite of its advertized promises, and what we should do instead.

#6: "Five Steps to Immigration Reform"
A simple, straighforward proposal: Legalize Capitalism, Elevate Citizenship, Liberalize the quotas, Document the Undocumented and Isolate the criminals.
See also: "Illegal Immigration, 1806 -2006"
A 200-year review of the American experience with unlawful migration, squatters and the Homestead Act

#5: "Why Government Interference in Markets Always Fails"
Few economists have illustrated as plainly and logically as Ludwig von Mises why price controls (and by extension, all types of interventions in free markets) don't work, never achieve their stated goals. For this reason we present here an excerpt from the chapter 'Interventionism' from his book 'Economic Policy'

#4: "Nothing To Do About Jobs"
The one thing the government hasn't tried for 3 [now 5] years is to get out of the way.

#3: "Unemployed College Grads of the World, Unite!"
According to Goldman Sachs economist Jan Hatzius, “The labor force participation rates of college graduates have actually fallen by more than those of workers without a high school education…the growth in the absolute number of employed college graduates has been nowhere near enough to offset the increase in the size of the college-educated population.”

#2: "What is Capitalism?"
A working definition of Capitalism, to counter the popular misconceptions about exploitation of the poor and privileges for the rich.

#1: "Books on Capitalism and economics"
A Capitalist Bibliography: The Top Ten Easy-to-Read popular expositions on economics and capitalism; The Top Ten Hardcore Scholarly Treatises on economics; The Top Five Most Dangerous Anti-capitalist Rants; Other Books of Interest

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