Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Political Correctness Run Too Amok Even for the Grown-up Left

Conservatives and Republicans are appalled by the depths to which political correctness has sunk on college campuses, to the point where even a liberal's liberal like Robert Birgeneau, Chancellor of UC Berkeley, is considered beyond the pale because he cleared Sproul Plaza of Occupy protesters.
Dan Henninger of the Wall Street Journal documents the absurdities in Bonfire of the Humanities. Brett Stephens reminds the graduating kindergarteners that they don't have the right not to be offended, and that they'd better get over that soon in To the Class of 2014.
But to their credit, prominent intellectuals of the Left, notably of the New York Times, also see the ridiculousness and danger in how far the censorship has gone. While reserving their right to criticize (and freely exercising their skills of derision of) Republicans and conservatives, they too warn of the consequences of such a closed-eared public square. See the unsigned editorial Tongue-tied on Campus, Condi's Lesson, by Maureen Dowd and/or The Commencement Bigots, by Timothy Egan.

Maybe we can yet preserve a pluralistic society with a diversity of opinion.