Sunday, May 18, 2014

Most Popular Week of March 11-17

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Bill's Bills May 2014
William Saracino digests the latest legislative mischief emanating from Sacramento.

Taxes, Pfizer and Hostility to Capital Freedom
Extortionists on one side of the Atlantic, protectionists on the other.

California’s Golden Goose Getting Throttled
In case you’ve been asleep for 30 years, California’s economy is not what it used to be.

U.S. Internet Content Censored by Putin?
Unfriendly foreign governments may be able to restrict what content is available not only to their own people, but even to Americans.

Lift the Campaign Finance Restrictions
Surely money is bad for politics? But the attempt to remove money from politics has backfired.

The Unholy Trinity of Public Sector Unions, Environmentalists, and Wall Street
Three unlikely allies create a moral hazard to the fiscal health of the state of California.

Clueless King of TARP Bank Bailouts Trumpets his Record
According to Thomas Freeman of the Wall Street Journal, by Timothy Geithner's own admission, he (Geithner) "didn't see the mortgage crisis coming and didn't grasp the severity of the problems after it occurred."

The Tarnished Brass State
Even liberals are now talking about making California a more friendly place for business... but only for hot and sexy ones. Why don't we dump crony socialism and give breaks to everyone instead?

Post-Obamacare Reform
Obamacare is now a dead letter. Here's what we have to do next.

The Capitalist Bibliography
The Top Ten Easy-to-Read popular expositions on economics and capitalism
The Top Ten Hardcore Scholarly Treatises on economics
The Top Five Most Dangerous Anti-capitalist Rants
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