Monday, April 07, 2014

College Republicans Speak to Southern California Republican Women and Men

This article appeared in the January 2014 edition of the newsletter of the Southern California Republican Women and Men, introducing the featured panel that was to speak to the club on January 25 at the 94th Aerosquadron restaurant at the Vanuatu Nuys airport.

Our Academic Panel for the the January Meeting
We have a very special panel of speakers for our January 2014 meeting, consisting of student presidents of Republican clubs at our universities. These courageous young people are taking the fight to perhaps the most hostile territory for conservative and Republican ideas that there is in our society today: the university campus. They deserve our admiration and support.
With the exception of a few institutions like Hillsdale College and George Mason University, the progressive socialist education cartel has a diabolical lock on the minds of our students and by extension our future citizens and voters. Through the union-controlled elementary and secondary schools and like-minded professoriat, they ensure that young people get a steady, life-long diet of leftist socialist progressive thought that puts conservative, libertarian and even constitutional principles beyond the pale.
What should be an environment of open inquiry, free thinking and diversity of viewpoints – a liberal arts education – has become instead a closed club of political correctness and speech codes. By limiting the supply of students even exposed to conservative ideas, the future supply of conservative professors is effectively suppressed.
Not all students fed the liberal socialist diet remain that way forever; many young people, once they get mugged by the reality of work and production, business and family, freedom and responsibility, have a significant change of outlook and philosophy. But unless they act quickly while they are yet young, there will be little opportunity to pursue academic careers and counter the leftist bias on campus. Thus the club is insulated from effective feedback or correction. The most critical element of the scientific method is falsifiability; this element is completely suppressed in the the social sciences at our universities.
The Leadership Institute, Prager University, Ron Paul's education project, David Horrowitz’s Freedom Center,,, the Tea Party Patriots,, the Cato Institute and other conservative, Tea Party and libertarian organizations are putting in a noble effort. But it is most definitely an uphill battle for the minds of the next generation.