Friday, November 15, 2013

Michael Snyder on the Coming Doctor Shortage

"The United States already has an emerging shortage of doctors, and thanks to Obamacare that shortage is about to become much, much worse. Right now, the U.S. has close to a million doctors, and about half of them are over the age of 50. Many of them are beginning to wonder if practicing medicine is worth it anymore. In some specialties, treating Medicaid and Medicare patients pays so little that many doctors are now turning them away. Other doctors are charging their regular patients enormous amounts in order to make up for the money that they are losing on Medicaid and Medicare patients. And of course the paperwork and the red tape imposed on doctors by the health insurance companies and the federal government gets worse with each passing year. Some doctors actually spend more time filling out paperwork and dealing with red tape than they do seeing patients. On top of everything else, there is the constant and never-ending threat of being sued by predatory lawyers and losing everything."

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Michael Tanner: Lies about Lies

"The Obama administration continues to suggest that it’s not the health-care law that is causing people to lose their current plan, but rather unscrupulous insurance companies, which are canceling plans for reasons unrelated to Obamacare. That’s nonsense. The genesis of the cancellations start with the law’s individual and employer mandates."
"The same conditions that are causing the cancellation of individual policies will eventually result in the cancellation of millions of employment-based policies as well...Even the Congressional Budget Office estimates that as many as 20 million workers will lose their current employer-sponsored plans."

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Dean Kedenburg: FreeMarketCare

"The first thing Republicans need to do is take the largest lesson from the ACA playbook; then do the opposite. The ACA went large, voiding longstanding relationships among patients, providers and insurers, a strategy ill-received by many. A successful alternative plan should begin small, picking apart the vulnerabilities of the ACA and countering with more favorable alternatives. Since proponents of the ACA will strive to thwart every free-market proposal, any step put forward must be simple, popular, and difficult to oppose. Any unnecessary steps should be avoided."

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Kimberly Strassel: The President's ObamaCare Backpedal

"Mr. Obama took to the podium in the White House briefing room to explain that yes, some Americans may indeed now keep the health-care plans they like. Maybe. If insurers can undo three years of work in a few weeks. If state regulators can move at similar lightning speed. So long as the old plans come with new warning labels. And with the understanding that those Americans lucky enough to receive a renewal option can only keep the plans they "like" for a further year. Those giant caveats aside, the president wishes you good fortune."

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Why does the Pay Suck?

High and rising wages depend on the quantity and quality of liberated capital invested in the labor.

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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Where do Jobs Come From?

Praise for 'Where do Jobs Come From?'
"This article is an exemplar of clarity, logic, and structure, in its advocacy of literacy in fundamental market economics."
Dernon Ruton

"Excellent article, Mr. Hyde, it should be required reading and re-reading...for all youngsters from Jr. High, Sr. High and throughout their college, trade school and / or apprenticeship years of education"

"There are economics and business majors across the USA (and probably Canada too) who will graduate in May or June of next year. And they have not yet read one article like this."

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