Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Myths of Single-Payer Health Care

Here are some of the more prominent single-payer myths:
Myth No. 1: Everyone has access to health care a single-payer system.
Myth No. 2: Claims of rationing are exaggerated.
Myth No. 3: A single-payer system would save money on administrative costs.
Myth No. 4: Single-payer will provide fair and quality care for everyone.
Myth No. 5: Single-payer leaves medical decisions to patients & doctors.
Myth No. 6: Single-payer systems achieve better health outcomes.
Myth No. 7: The U.S. systems also engages in rationing.
Myth No. 8: A single-payer system will not hamper medical research.
Myth No. 9: Single-payer will save money as patients seek care earlier.
Myth No. 10: The free market in health care has failed in the U.S.

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