Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Is Profit a Dirty Word at Business School?

In this crazy world of expanding government, creeping socialism and leftist indoctrination in our schools and universities, we can take solace in the fact that we still have some of the best pro-capitalism business schools in the world, turning out entrepreneurial graduates ready to take on the challenges of global markets, right?
Maybe. Then again, what is "social entrepreneurship" being pioneered at USC and elsewhere? A little econ with a lot of learning how to run public-private partnerships like 'green' ventures.
So our next crop of biz school graduates will be unemployable, except at Solyndra? Well, thank God at least they would never tarnish their integrity by working for an actual for-profit (four-letter word) company!
Do these sophomores have any idea what profit and loss are, what they mean, their role in allocating scarce resources that have alternative uses, their indispensibility in determining what is 'socially responsible'? Just something to protest against, it seems.
Very well then, let's take a journey back to an article posted here six years ago, apparently just as a propos today as is was then: Human Needs Before Profits!"