Saturday, March 23, 2013

Senate votes to remove a brick from Obamacare

Perhaps the best news in months about Obamacare is that just three months after it has started to go into effect, the Senate has voted overwhelmingly to repeal the medical device tax, all $29 billion of it, with 33 Democrats joining 45 Republicans and 1 independent. Someone must have figured out that we need more innovation, more medical devices at lower prices, not fewer at higher, and that the tax was counterproductive if the goal of reform is to make health care more affordable. Duh. If the House will follow suit in equal proportions, there can be no veto.
This could be the turning point we opponents of socialized medicine have been waiting for, right on schedule. As the law becomes not some abstraction affecting other people, but a reality of destruction for millions of Americans, the blowback will increase. As this blog has long maintained, it's not too late to repeal Obamacare, even if we have to do it brick by brick.
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