Thursday, October 23, 2008

Public Billionaires vs. Private Millionaires

By Howard Hyde

Fewer than 600 people in Washington D.C. command a budget of 2.6 trillion dollars, with extremely limited accountability. That’s $3 to $4 billion apiece, year after year, guaranteed, regardless of the success of failure of their decisions.

Meanwhile, these same people want you and me to resent, envy and punish the private businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals and plumbing company owners who may earn more than $250,000 per year, or roughly 1/20,000th of what each of them command. Why? Why are the public billionaires so hostile to private (mere) millionaires? Is it too much of a stretch to suppose that they don’t want any competition from these unwashed upstarts?

Citizens, don’t be manipulated! The fact is, the millions of millionaires in this country are about a million times more qualified than the insulated, privileged billionaires in Washington to solve the problems facing this country, including healthcare, the environment, the credit crisis and your paycheck. They create the jobs. They figure out how to accomplish more with less. They satisfy the needs of the consumers. And most important, they are accountable. While Congress gets to spend its billions no matter what, a private millionaire stands to lose his fortune in a heartbeat if he makes bad decisions, that is, neglects to satisfy customers with the right products and services at the right time, place and price; treats or pays his employees poorly; or fails to show a healthy return on his sponsors’ investment. The vast majority of millionaires in this country are not lucky entertainers or lottery winners; they are deserving, hard-working successful business people of modest origins. THEY are the hope for this country, not the bureaucrats.

Place your trust where it belongs, with the free people of the United States of America.