Friday, May 26, 2006

Truths Numbers 9 and 10

Shocking Outrageous Truths about Capitalism #'s 9 and 10:

This post is a continuation of The 8 Shocking, Outrageous Truths about Capitalism.

9. The enemies of Capitalism depend on Capitalism for their survival.

Capitalism doesn't need Socialism, but without the market price information provided by Capitalism, socialist planners would be completey without any guide whatsoever as to how to allocate resources.
Capitalism doesn't need Radical Islamic Fascism, but Al-Qaeda would be out of business without Western Free Speech, petroleum extraction technology, airplanes and the internet. Every tool they use against us (except maybe the AK-47) was invented in the United States.

10. Capitalism is the Solution to Radical Islamic Fascism.

Of course this isn't easy. But common arabs and muslims throughout the world, who have education and jobs, and live under the rule of law, and taste the liberty and prosperity of the free market, are not candidates for recruitment into the rabid Jihad. Capitalism is the greatest threat to undermine any philosophy of hate.