Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Climatism: a Foreign Assault on America.

Climatism is a foreign assault on America.

The aggressor is not another nation-state, but an alliance of UN agencies and environmental NGOs.

  1. Almost all climate science between 1970 and 1992 was conducted in the USA.
  2. Almost all climate politics in the same period originated elsewhere.
  3. Climate politics led to climate pseudo-science, not the other way around.

Read the complete article by Ari Halperin at WattsUpWithThat.com

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

A Second-Amendment Vacation

Greetings to all of our readers and "should-be" readers for a happy and prosperous 2016, to culminate in a victory for freedom and our Constitution on November 8. We hope that you have just passed a joyous holiday season.
For our part, my wife and I spent a week vacationing in the beautiful neighboring state of Arizona. There we experienced encouraging signs that not all of the country has gone mad or is a lost cause. The city of Tucson is harmoniously integrated into the natural beauty of the lush Sedona desert, with its dense forests of saguaro, cactus, mesquite, palo verde and dozens of other charming species of plants, animals and birds that we don't see in L.A. Regular gasoline may be had for $1.79 a gallon, and we never saw a traffic jam (indicating that the low price of gas was NOT starving the highway fund).
But the pièce de resistance, of course, is Arizona's commitment to the Second Amendment. How strong is it? The answer may be exemplified as follows: the only reason Arizona has a Concealed-Carry Permit system is so that Arizona residents may carry unharrassed in other states with which Arizona has reciprocal agreements. Otherwise, it's superfluous, because any adult, whether state resident or visitor, as long as he or she is not a convicted felon, officially declared mentally impaired or otherwise restricted due to action which required a burden of proof on the part of the state, may carry openly or concealed in most public places.
Gun and ammunition sales have broken records this season, and that's not a bad thing (except for the inability to purchase ammo when the shelves cleaned out). Responsible citizens, many of whom may never have fired anything more deadly than a water pistol in their lives—and even that not without excruciating pangs of guilt—are rediscovering the virtues of self-reliance, tradition and civic duty, as well as a deeper appreciation for the Constitution and its protections of individual and state's rights.
Liberals and leftists from Barack and Hillary on down may lament or even condemn this "irrational and prejudicial overreaction" to the recent Jihadist attacks in Paris, San Bernardino and elsewhere, and the catastrophic overrun of Europe by ostensible "refugees" from the Middle East; but those events, while terrible, are in fact only secondary causes of the distress of the people. It is the lack of leadership, indeed the contempt shown to the American people by members of the ruling class's reactions and statements in regard to those events, that has the people realizing that they are being abandoned if not betrayed at a time of unprecedented peril.

We stayed at a resort close to the Safeway supermarket where a mentally disturbed man shot Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords and several others in 2011, killing six. Liberal efforts to rally around Giffords for the purpose of more stringent gun control laws backfired, as her former seat is now held by retired Air Force pilot and pro-Second Amendment Republican Martha McSally, sponsor of the pending Mental Health and Safe Communities Act. McSally's campaign got an assist from the NRA but also faced the stiff headwinds from money donated by New York liberal Michael Bloomberg to her opponent.
Liberal efforts to Californicate Texas have likewise been rebuffed. As of January 1, holders of Concealed Carry permits in Texas may carry openly, if they prefer.
Paris- and San Bernardino-style attacks are unlikely to happen in Arizona, or Wyoming, or Kansas or Maine or even Bernie Sanders' Vermont, because in those states, unlike, say, California, the responsible and law-abiding citizens have not been ordered on pain of prosecution to be sitting ducks or helpless emasculated bystanders. In public, Californians are required to keep their guns locked, unloaded, in the trunk of the car, with the ammo separated in the passenger compartment. Concealed Carry permits are extremely difficult to come by. The state maintains a list of "approved" firearm makes and models, and those excluded are not just "military-style assault rifles" but even ordinary handguns like Colt's once immensely popular Detective (38) Special and other similar snub-nose models, otherwise perfect for carrying in a purse and operated by women's smaller and weaker hands (so much for women's rights). We may not carry magazines holding more than ten rounds, even if the capacity of the gun is much higher, and this guarantees that some of us are going to lose some gunfights with bad guys who are operating on no such effective limitation, because we lost critical seconds (an eternity in a gunfight) reloading, if indeed we had more ammo to load after we were able to connect gun with ammo during an ambush.
And that's before the onslaught of laws taking effect in 2016, such as concealed carry permits no longer being honored on college campuses. Attorney General Kamala Harris has proposed a ballot initiative with a laundry list of further restrictions on ammo and magazines, a new fee-collecting ammo permit system and a gun owner database.
The list is too long to catalogue here. The bottom line is that, in California, we non-criminals are just not supposed to use guns to defend ourselves or other innocent people. Call 911; the cops will be here in a few minutes to mop up your blood and call the coroner.
By definition, laws affect the law-abiding both ex ante (in advance) and ex post (after the fact), while they only affect criminals ex post, if ever. This is why gun control laws only disarm innocent people and leave predators and terrorists laughing all the way to the bank, the Christmas Party, the music hall or the offices of periodicals which print things they find offensive. If enough Californians wake up to this fact through the irresponsibility of our leaders, the latter may have inadvertently done us all a favor. Unfortunately, it may require more massacres in our "gun-free zones" for the consciousness to change.
The best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy (or gal—feminists, are you listening?) with a gun. May God Bless America. God bless Arizona. God help California.

- - - - - - - -

For more info on concealed carry policy and outcomes, see: http://www.gunfacts.info/gun-control-myths/concealed-carry/

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dobre Utro, Russia!

Of the top 10 countries from which this site gets hit, 54% of the hits in the last 30 days have come from Russia. Another 5% come from Ukraine. The USA accounts for just 29% of the traffic.

So, Dobre Utro, Russia! Send me a handwritten email sometime at HHCapitalism@gmail.com and let me know what you like and don't like about the site.

I assume that you understand English, or you wouldn't be browsing the articles here. You may write to me in English, French or Spanish as you prefer. Russian, not so much.

Howard Hyde

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Trump Card: Why He's Right About Muslim Immigration Here

If you denounce Donald Trump for saying he wants to stop Muslim immigration until leaders figure things out you don't realize we're in World War III.

The enemy we are facing is worse than any before. They believe they are sent by God to kill every one who does not believe as they do. And their beliefs are the antithesis of American values: No freedom of religion and speech, no liberty and opportunity for all. Women are subservient. Homosexuals die.

Read the complete article by Robert Wilcox at: RobertkWilcox.com

Friday, December 11, 2015

Trump Goes Too Far, Right?

Donald Trump is not my candidate; never was, isn't now. But after so many rounds of "this time he's done himself in" leading to even higher scores in the polls, I'm taking the safe bet that his latest and most egregious scandal yet, the suggestion that the United States might consider adherence to Islam in determining who to allow into the country, will see him climbing higher still.
First we joked that his candidacy was like a reality TV show or a cartoon villain. Then we thanked him for the enhanced ratings--double the eyeballs ever for a televised Republican candidate debate--and dismissed him. But he didn't go away. He went up. We started to realize that the public distress over the anything-goes-by-executive-fiat immigration policy is far more acute than the comfortable establishment political and media professionals realized; and that as long as no one "better qualified" was willing to take the issue head-on without deference to polite P.C. etiquette, then Trump would continue to, well, trump. Then as the inevitable consequences of Obama's disastrous foreign policy unfolded, Trump remains the only one willing to speak off-script and unfiltered; the anti-candidate.
American are starving for some straight talk about what is going on in the world, in our backyard (Europe) and in our front yard (San Bernardino). Europe is committing suicide; its capital cities are being overrun with hostile elements who have openly proclaimed, and are carrying out in plain sight, the cultural, demographic, political and religious destruction of all that Europe ever was. And the "progressive" American left, led by Barack Obama, is hell-bent on having us follow Europe as swiftly as possible, public opinion be damned. In this crisis no one gives a rat's behind whether the potential leader has the right pedigree or the sophisticated literary polish of Alistaire Cooke. They want someone who tells it like it is where it counts, to the gut. Trump is filling that vacuum with an arctic blast.
It would appear that, according to our confusion of symbols, Hitler's biggest mistake was to neglect to establish Nazism not just as a political regime but as a religion. If he had done that, we might have been powerless to stop him, for to oppose him in any way would be to violate one of our own most sacred constitutional principles, "the free exercise thereof". Tojo, likewise, apparently might have prevailed if only he had bombed Pearl Harbor in the name of Shintoism.
As Americans and westerners, we recoil at the thought of discriminating on the basis of religion. But we need to remind ourselves that we have never shrunk from discriminating against hostile, anti-American, fascist and genocidal ideologies, from Mussolini's Italy to Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
The Islam that we fear and oppose, the Islam that attacked New York and Washington D.C. on 9/11/2001, Paris last month and San Bernardino last week, is not a religion but a tyrannical political ideology. If we can recognize it as such (before more of us get killed), and find the right words to identify and define it, then we can fight and defeat it with no hazard to our constitutional principles. We may freely and forcefully exclude just as confidently as we would the Ku Klux Klan or anyone waving a Confederate flag.
Readers who wish to challenge me on this definition have two groups of experts that they may consult. The first are all of the ex-Muslims who have put their lives at risk by renouncing Jihad, becoming apostates (a capital offense), and speaking out for the sake of warning the West as to the true nature of this "religion". The second are the Islamic leaders themselves, the recognized and credentialed spokesmen for Islam around the world; the ones who write the fatwas against the apostates. They are willing to tell the truth about themselves even if we are not. They are unequivocal: Islam does not permit any man-made law like the Constitution of the United States to take precedence over Sharia and the Qur'an. Before offering an opinion, let alone a denouncement, of Trump's proposal, every American should read and digest those.
As for the "refugees," almost half of whom are from a dozen Islamic countries other than Syria and 75 percent of whom are military age men, they may be clueless about economics, but they are razor-sharp, clear, and profound when it comes to demographics. The most illiterate Muslim refugee (which is to say, the majority of them) could not explain what supply and demand are, or why they should be expected to work in Germany rather than have clothing, shelter, transportation and halal food provided to them in a Jew-free environment courtesy of the German taxpayer; but they can articulate the compound-interest effect of their own high birth rate on the society that they are supplanting with the eloquence of a lettered professor. Our own college graduates seem to struggle to compete on that score.
Once again, Trump is not my first choice; far from it. But if no one else is willing or able to step up, he will have won it fair and square, no tricks, no gimmicks, no deception. Ted, Marco, Carly, Ben, Mike, your move.

- - - - - - - - -

POSTSCRIPT: Each of the candidates who are hoping to displace Trump need to come up with a new, qualitative distinction that prompt potential primary voters to see their candidacy in a whole new light. I will address myself to Ted Cruz in Particular: Many people like him for what he is and has done, but don't necessarily translate that into perceiving him as George Washington; maybe Alexander Hamilton (who, in case it requires reminding, in spite of appearing on the ten-dollar bill, never became president).
To remedy that weakness, IMHO the principled conservative firebrand maverick senator should start dropping not-so-subtle hints as to which GOVERNORS are on his short list of running mates. If people were to begin conceiving of a Cruz-Walker ADMINSTRATION, or a Cruz-Christie administration, or Cruz-Huckabee, or Cruz-Jindal, or even Cruz-Romney, it would change the game. The people will see a rounded-out team with a depth of governing experience in addition to principled leadership, instead of just "Prez Ted Hotshot".
What are your ideas? How can Rubio, Carson or Fiorina add a decisive dimension to his or her campaign?
Speaking of Carly, rumors of her death may be greatly exaggerated. Her campaign may appear stalled, but that may be merely a function of her not getting the media attention accorded to the others; we don't see enough of her. When she's on, she's brilliant and articulate, with an extraordinary command of details AND the ability to summarize. From the forest to the trees to the leaves, to the mitochondria to the planetary whole, she can tell it.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Mark Steyn's Senate Testimony on Climate Change

"Public opinion, which no longer trusts the Big Climate enforcers to tell them what the climate will be like in 2050, now no longer trusts them to tell them what it was like in 1950."

Read the complete document at: http://www.commerce.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/c6a57a91-8bbd-45f3-9eaa-51cc8f64e9dc/5DDB5BDF028B536F0A1A4E116D144E9D.mr.-mark-steyn-testimony.pdf

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Islamic Army Overruns Europe

Has to be seen to be believed. Some viewers -- no, ALL viewers who are European, American, or Australian and not self-loathing and/or suicidal, will find this extremely disturbing. Do not watch this with your children.

See the video at https://www.facebook.com/IrelandFirst2015/videos/642310859242076/.

Gun Control is the Problem, Not the Solution

The liberal reflexive knee-jerk reaction of calling for more gun control before any facts about the San Bernardino shooting were even known is a perfect example of what Evan Sayet calls "not just wrong, but as wrong as wrong can be." Gun control, far from being the solution, is arguably the #1 problem here.

Read the complete article by Howard Hyde at AmericanThinker.com

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Paris "Setback"

The Paris ISIS terror attacks are a grim reminder of what happens when western-and especially American-civilization retreats from leadership in a world where, we seem to have forgotten, the default condition under which most of mankind lives is barbarism.
Liberals and libertarians of the Rand Paul school blame this on George W. Bush. But that accusation based on events of 2003-04 skips over an intermediary period during which conditions had been, if not idyllic, then the least-worst they have been before or since.
Go to your public library and pick up a copy of the New York Times or the Wall Street journal for any day in 2007 or 2008, and you will be hard-pressed to find any front-page mention of Iraq, much less ISIS . The "failure" narrative had lost its bite. The death rate of American soldiers was barely above that of training accidents. Iraq had become the biggest non-issue of the day.
As I wrote on WesternJournalism.com on June 18, 2014, a few short years ago, "We owned the country. We operated the oil fields. Saddam Hussein was dead; his murderous Baath party was defeated; and Al-Qaeda and the jihadis, if not gone, were neutralized. At that point, we could have drafted a Constitution based on the principle of separation of powers such that conflict between Sunnis and Shias and Kurds took a back seat to aggregations of citizens along different dimensions, neutralizing the religious one. We could have supported a leader who was able, ready, and willing by principle and conviction to govern across sectarian lines; we didn't have to settle for the partisan Shia autocrat prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki; and we could have imposed the time-honored practice of term limits (even on the one we chose.) We could have given every adult Iraqi citizen, men and women, equal shares of common and preferred stocks and bonds of a fully privatized formerly national oil industry, giving them a direct stake in the defense of peaceful free-market capitalism and private property rights, as well as a sense of sharing in both the national purpose and its bounty...At the very least, we could have negotiated a realistic and appropriate Status of Forces agreement.
But all of that would be Imperialism and ugly-Americanism, of course. Unacceptable! At the very least, too expensive!"

Too expensive? As Ted Cruz famously said at the last debate, if you think it's expensive defending America, try NOT defending her!"

In a world full of ambitious tyrants, there will always be the need for a powerful and benevolent force in the world to promote peace, stability, human rights and trade. Since the end of World War II, that force has been America-the Pax Americana.

Like it or not, our domain of responsibility, though far from exclusive, includes France, western Europe, Israel and, well, the world. Spitting on the graves of our own soldiers and throwing the ordinary citizens of uncivilized nations who risked their lives to help us under the bus, is not leadership.

To return to a position of strength will probably require a leader willing to tell the American people things they would rather not hear.

See the complete article at: WesternJournalism.com

AG writes:
Yes Howard!
Never miss an opportunity to bash a libertarian- it’s the new great American pastime.
Further, never let us allow facts to get in the way of such good rhetoric.
Of course the ISIS attack in Paris is our fault for failing to lead (kill enough people BUT DO IT BENEVOLENTLY).
BTW I did get your hidden message that Rand Paul likely caused the Paris attacks through his weakness and is possibly even a terrorist ISIS sympathizer.

If only W had a few more years…..

We owned the country. We operated the oil fields.

How dare those pesky Iraqis think that Iraq should belong to the Iraqis. Infidels.
How could they actually think they should be allowed to determine their own government, constitution, or share of their national bounty.
You are right that they should take what we give them and be grateful for that.
After all, America knows best! We are the "dear leader" of the world and it is our responsibility to LEAD (by lead we actually mean kill).

I’m glad you agree that Reagan, Eisenhower et al were weak fools to advise against a state of perpetual warfare. America must be STRONG and we must LEAD. (The new GOP platform). Individual rights and freedom are really an anachronism in the dangerous world of 2015 where such fearsome people like Jihad Johnny are hiding under every bed. If only McCarthy were around today he would know what to do. Root ‘em out! Kill em all and let God sort them out! I mean Hitler had a lot of great ideas, he just shouldn’t have done that naughty stuff to the Jews.

We must reshape the world through force into a peaceful utopia where ambitious tyrants are vanquished from history, this is the humane solution and recent history (2007-2008) proves that it is the only viable solution. A thousand points of light! The barbarians are at the gate and these weak liberals and libertarians are, well, WEAK!

Sorry for taking your time, back to work...

Yours always humming Rule Britannia,

Howard writes back:
Thank you AG,
For the record, I don't blame Rand Paul for anything ISIS has done. I do call him out for skipping over Obama's actions in assigning causation to our current situation.
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Paul a month ago in Washington D.C. at the Wednesday Morning meeting of Americans for Prosperity. He took questions in particular about Syria. While I have my disagreements with him, I respect him for being very well-informed and consistent in his principles.


...which brings us back to:Answering the Libertarian Indictments on Iraq

Collective Bargaining Disagreement

A new study reveals that collective bargaining for teachers has a negative effect on future earnings, occupational skill levels and hours worked.
“Students who spent all 12 years of grade school in a state with a duty-to-bargain law earned an average of $795 less per year and worked half an hour less per week as adults than students who were not exposed to collective-bargaining laws. They are 0.9 percentage points less likely to be employed and 0.8 percentage points less likely to be in the labor force. And those with jobs tend to work in lower-skilled occupations.”

Read the complete article by Larry Sand at Unionwatch.org

Monday, November 16, 2015

Jamie Glazov: The Life and Work Of David Horowitz

David Horowitz is significant to CitizenEcon.com because he is one of the very few former radicals turned conservative who have adequately explained in scholarly detail the nature of America's leftists who came to such prominence in the editor of this site's hometown, Berkeley, California.

"Horowitz grew up in a Communist enclave in Queens called Sunnyside Gardens. As a child, he attended the Sunnyside Progressive School, a pre-kindergarten program the Party had set up and, as an adolescent, spent summers at a Party-run children’s camp called “Wo-Chi-Ca,” short for “Workers’ Children’s Camp.” In 1956, when Horowitz was seventeen, the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev delivered a secret speech in the Kremlin about the crimes of Stalin. The “Khrushchev Report,” as it was subsequently called, was leaked by Israeli intelligence agents to the public, causing a crisis among the faithful. Party members who had previously dismissed claims by their opponents that Stalin was responsible for the deaths of millions as “slander,” now had no choice but to admit that the charges were true. They left the Party in a mass exodus that killed the Communist Party as a force in U.S. political life, although for many like Blanche and Phil Horowitz, it was impossible to give up the socialist faith."

Read the full article by Jamie Glazov at FrontPageMag.com

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I thought the President said the war was over and the ISIS J.V. team was on the run

They didn't target Charlie Hebdo this time.

They don't hate us because we draw blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. They don't hate us because of our policy in Israel (except to say that they hate the fact that Israel exists). They are not retaliating for any specific military or "Imperial" move on our part, with the possible exception of our retreat from leadership.

Rather, they despise us because of who we are and what we stand for, and they hold us in contempt for the weakness we are showing by allowing them to overrun our countries and our cultures, and for running away when the going gets too easy.

In June 2014 I wrote that, "In the Fall of 2008...a majority of Americans, including a plurality of Republicans, were eager to get beyond George W. Bush and their weariness of his Iraq misadventure. That scorn may soon turn to nostalgia as the American people realize how much has been lost in the squandering of the real gains and opportunities afforded us at the height of our success in Iraq in that year." See: Our Intolerable Success in Iraq.

Are we there yet?

If not, we only have continue on cruise control and wait for it. In Europe, it started with mass, uncontrolled immigration of a culture hostile to western values, leading eventually to neighborhoods governed by Sharia law, "No-Go" zones for westerners in their own cities, and public thoroughfares blocked for mass Islamic prayers. Now we have the simultaneous, coordinated massacre of over 100 French, American and other western citizens.

Recently, we have our first American city (Hamtranck, Michigan) electing a Muslim majority to its city council, ready to be governed by Sharia, and unlawful street-blocking Islamic prayers in Los Angeles.

Twenty years ago, Rudy Guilliani demonstrated how barbarism could be subdued via a policy of zero tolerance for petty crimes. We can still stave off catastrophe if we will simply reassert the confidence of our culture and our constitution.

Please read The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates, by Mark Steyn, at: SteynOnline.com.

And: Adios, America!: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole. (Maybe that should be "Wadaeaan, Amrika!"

Friday, November 13, 2015

Brand-new Insights into our Current Circumstances

"The characteristic feature of present-day policies is the trend toward a substitution of government control for free enterprise. Powerful political parties and pressure groups are fervently asking for public control of all economic activities, for thorough government planning, and for the nationalization of business. They aim at full government control of education and at the socialization of the medical profession. There is no sphere of human activity that they would not be prepared to subordinate to regimentation by the authorities. In their eyes, state control is the panacea for all ills...America is faced with a phenomenon that the framers of the Constitution did not foresee and could not foresee: the voluntary abandonment of congressional rights. Congress has in many instances surrendered the function of legislation to government agencies and commissions, and it has relaxed its budgetary control through the allocation of large appropriations for expenditures, which the Administration has to determine in detail."

Those words were written by Ludwig von Mises in 1944. Read more: http://www.rrpec.org/documents/Mises.pdf

Rasmussen: Little Support for Punishing Global Warming Foes

Global warming advocates are calling for the prosecution of groups who disagree with them, and New York State has taken it a step further by investigating Exxon Mobil for refusing to play ball with the popular scientific theory.

But 68% of Likely U.S. Voters oppose the government investigating and prosecuting scientists and others including major corporations who question global warming. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 17% favor such prosecutions. Fifteen percent (15%) are undecided.

Read the complete article at M.RasmussenReports.com

Mark Steyn: Imperialist Warmongering Deniers of the Human Right to Science

The nations of the world have issued their demands for this month's Paris climate conference, and the Government of Bolivia has cut to the chase:

The capitalist system is a system of death. Hence, capitalism is leading humanity towards a horizon of destruction that sentences nature and life itself to death. In this regard, for a lasting solution to the climate crisis we must destroy capitalism.

Yeah, but, as the American media like to say about Trump, where are the specifics?

Oh, don't worry. The Bolivians have a ten-point plan.

Read the complete article at: SteynOnline.com

National Review: Why Businesses Leave California

"For most of the 20th century, California was a place that people and companies moved to in search of opportunity. The Golden State still has its beautiful climate and technically skilled workforce, but today these things are not enough to prevent companies from leaving the state. A new study seeks to quantify the trend of companies fleeing California and determine how, and to what extent, it is caused by California’s hostile business environment."

Read the complete article at: NationalReview.com

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Obama Drags Democrats to Lowest Levels in Generations

As I have said many times, rumors of the death of the Republican party have been greatly exaggerated. Republicans now hold more state mansions (32), more state legislatures, and more city halls than we have in decades, perhaps generations. The Democratic bench is thinning and greying. This we have to thank Obama for; the destructive effects of his domestic policies and absence of leadership abroad have achieved a clarity of choice between the parties which has been lacking in prior years.
If you don't believe me, read the New York Times!:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Post-FoxBusiness Debate Scorecard

Here is the CitizenEcon.com scorecard on the FoxBusiness Republican presidential candidate debate:

Cruz was very strong, but he needs to convince doubters that he can 1) beat Hillary and 2) GOVERN, not just be passionate and smart. The base alone will not suffice. He held his ground, but it remains to be seen whether he gained any last night.

Carson is very likable on a personal level. He needed to demonstrate that he can can play with the big boys and girls, which is to say Rubio and Fiorina, on economics and policy. He fell short. He hasn't read enough of Thomas Sowell or CitizenEcon.com yet.

Trump was more restrained than usual, neither hurt nor helped himself. We may thank him for all the attention and color he has brought to the campaign and to issues that would not otherwise have been brought up, and allow him to settle quietly below Cruz, Fiorina, Rubio, Carson...

Rubio did very well, was very articulate and authoritative all around. His vulnerabilities are 1) He looks like he's 25, and 2) immigration-absolutist conservatives don't trust him. He needs to have a private come-to-Jesus powwow with Ann Coulter, Mark Levin and some Tea Party leaders and convince them that he has seen the light.
Dear conservatives: Whatever Rubio's weaknesses, they pale in comparison to the duplicity and deceit of Obama and Rodham-Clinton. Rubio won't be penning capricious unconstitutional executive orders in the middle of the night.

Bush almost had a few moments of statesmanship in which he might have answered the 64 dollar question posed by Mark Steyn, to wit, why a third Bush in 30 years is indispensable. But he is so verbally clumsy and socially awkward, he gives the impression of being the high school dork who couldn't get a date.

Rand Paul scored a few points, like pointing out that inequality is highest where Democrats are in charge, but his repeated blaming ISIS on W. Bush without mentioning Obama's premature withdrawal calls his judgement into question.

Kasich was HORRIBLE. His rants and interruptions were appalling. Not only were his policy prescriptions wrong, but he was rude and aggressive promoting them.
Kasich should be traded to the Democrats in exchange for Webb. Webb would even be a more acceptable VP to Cruz than Kasich would. And Kasich and Paul should be off the stage, to bring Jindal up to the adult's table. Jindal is under-rated and needs to have his turns.

Carly needed to distinguish herself or her somewhat stalled campaign would be in trouble. She not only shone, but stepped one rung at a time through the debate to come out on top, with her mastery of philosophy, policy, executive experience and issues, especially foreign policy.