Tuesday, December 16, 2014

‘Muslim Reformers’: Forever Talking the Talk, Never Walking the Walk

Due to its rarity, it’s always notable whenever a top Islamic leader publicly acknowledges the threat of Islamic radicalism and terror. And yet, such denunciations never seem to go beyond words—and sometimes not even that.
Read the complete article by Raymond Ibrahim at: FrontPageMag.com.

Increasing Economic Growth Means Shrinking the Size and Scope of Government

Once the level of total government spending as a percentage of GDP reaches a tipping point, additional expansion crowds out private productive investment and slows economic growth. Economic freedom is diminished and private exchange opportunities are lost.
Read the complete article by James A. Dorn at: The Cato Institute.

If the Supreme Court Breaks Obamacare, Will Republicans Fix It?

If the justices strike down the law’s subsidies, voters will demand a fix. But who in Congress is going to give?
Read the complete story at: National Journal.

(Hat tip: www.obamacarereporter.com)

Video: The ObamaCare Battle

A panel discussion “The ObamaCare Battle” featuring Michael Reagan, Tom Fitton and Larry Kawa took place at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 20th Anniversary Restoration Weekend.
See the complete story at: FrontPageMag.com.

Public Turning Against Democrats On Education

As recently as 2012, voters trusted Democrats over Republicans on education by 25 percentage points or more. Now, that advantage has shrunk to only eight points.
Read the complete story at: California Political Review.

Tortured Reasoning

If you knew that there was a hidden nuclear time bomb planted somewhere in New York City -- set to go off today -- and you had a captured terrorist who knew where and when, would you not do anything whatever to make him tell you where and when? Would you pause to look up the definition of "torture"?
Read the complete article by Thomas Sowell at: Townhall.com.

He’s Mad as Hell, Files to Open Rare New Bank

Bill Greiner is fed up with banks. But instead of quietly seething or complaining to customer service, the 48-year-old is taking a more radical approach: He is trying to launch his own lender.
Read the complete story at: The Wall Street Journal.

Small businesses dropping insurance coverage due to Obamacare

With insurance rates rising, many small businesses of fewer than 50 employees are opting to drop their coverage and have workers purchase their insurance through the Obamacare website.
Read the complete story by Rick Moran at: AmericanThinker.com.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Howard Hyde's 2nd Appearance on California Edition TV

Brad Pomerance interviews Howard Hyde on the 2014 election results on the California Channel.
Watch the YouTube video at: http://youtu.be/yVpG57s5Kj4.

Prior interview on California Edition, discussing Obamacare: http://youtu.be/XM1DoKwxVqE.

California’s Water Blockage

The White House threatens to veto even modest drought relief.
Read the complete story at: The Wall Street Journal.

Regnery’s 2014 Book Gift Guide

In the department of "We-don't-get-paid-for-this-but-we-should", here's a shameless plug for an outstanding publisher's current lineup. Personal favorite: 'The Undocumented Mark Steyn'.
Read the complete story at: www.Regnery.com.

Ivy League Professors, Staff Donated Mostly to Democrats in 2014

Employees at Ivy League schools donated more than $2 million in the 2014 election cycle, largely favoring liberal candidates, committees and causes.
Read the complete story Kathryn Watson at: The Daily Signal.

Adding to the Lies Obamacare Supporters have told us

Here are eight of the most brazen from Prof. Gruber and his bosses.
Read the complete story by David Hogberg at: The American Spectator.

Obamacare blamed for killing hospitals

Eighteen acute-care hospitals across the United States shut their doors in 2013.
Read the complete story by Paul Bremmer at: World Net Daily.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Correction officers’ union claims ObamaCare will bankrupt them

The union representing the New York City's correction officers has quietly filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court, claiming ObamaCare will bankrupt its health-care fund.
Read the complete story at: The New York Post.

(Hat tip: www.obamacarereporter.com)

The Many Failures of Single Payer

Vermont’s struggle to implement single-payer health care shouldn’t be a surprise. Such systems are failing to deliver affordable, quality care all over the world. And ordinary citizens are starting to notice.
Read the complete story by Sally Pipes at: NationalReview.com.

Texanomics vs. Taxifornia

When conservatives and liberals talk about Texas, they are talking about two different things. Conservatives think Texas is important because its booming economy shows how limited government, low taxes and light regulation can create prosperity. Liberals, by contrast, see Texas as the poster child for conservatives’ refusal to provide a sufficient safety net for the poor.
Read the complete review of Richard Parker's book 'Lone Star Nation' by John Daniel Davidson at: The Wall Street Journal.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Protecting the Integrity of Medicare Act (PIMA) of 2014

A bipartisan bill has been introduced by House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) and Ranking Member Jim McDermott (D-WA).
Read the complete story at: The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPSOnline.org).

Howard Hyde appears TODAY on California Edition TV

Howard Hyde on California Edition with Brad Pomerance, discussing the results of the November 4 2014 election.

Thursday, December 4 2014 at 8:00AM, repeated at 8:00PM on The California Channel (in Southern California, Channel 177 on Time Warner Cable).

Sunday, December 7 2014 at 5:00AM on KDOC (Channel 56 on Dish Network)

Previous (October 2014) interview on the same show, discussing Obamacare, is availabe on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/XM1DoKwxVqE

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Renewables Not Renewable

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, not the key driver of global warming or climate change, but a boon to all plants (and thus all life). It is clean and green.
Read the complete story at: AmericanThinker.com.

Who’s Afraid of Cheap Oil?

The Saudis know they cannot kill U.S. shale output, even if the news media don’t.
Read the complete story by Holman Jenkins at: The Wall Street Journal.

See also: The Global Shakeout From Plunging Oil

Chris Rock Stopped Performing for Students Because Everything Offends Them

University administrators are teaching students that it is proper for them to crave insulation from contrarianism and controversy. The result is de facto censorship.
Read the complete story by Robby Soave at: Reason.com.

(See also: Political Correctness Run Too Amok Even for the Grown-up Left.)

Government Officials Flip-Flopped on Obamacare Subsidies Story

New Report “Beyond Gruber” Shows government officials originally planned to offer Obamacare tax credits only on state-established insurance exchanges, and only changed their minds after dozens of states refused to set up exchanges.
Read the complete story at: The Competitive Enterprise Institute.

The president rewrites the ObamaCare law — again

On Thanksgiving eve, the Obama administration dumped reams of mind-numbing ObamaCare regulations into the Federal Register — including yet more unilateral rewrites of the Affordable Care Act.
Read the complete story by Betsy McCaughey at: The New York Post.

(Hat tip: www.obamacarereporter.com)

Hundreds of Police Killings Are Uncounted in Federal Stats

FBI Data Differs from Local Counts on Justifiable Homicides
Read the complete story by Rob Barry and Coulter Jones at: The Wall Street Journal.

War on Poverty Turns 50: Are We Winning Yet?

The failures of the War on Poverty should serve as an object lesson for policymakers today.
Read the complete story by Michael D. Tanner and Charles Hughes at: The Cato Institute.

A Cadillac (Tax) For Everyone

Obamacare may require ordinary Americans to pay ever-greater sums for health insurance — and then penalize them for following the law.
Read the complete story by Sally Pipes at: Forbes.com

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Feds Sue Companies For Complying With ObamaCare

The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) has filed lawsuits against Honeywell International and two other companies because of their wellness programs that they implemented, as encouraged by the ACA. The problem is, wellness programs are in direct violation of the American’s With Disabilities Act, which prohibits medical screening as part of employment.
Read the complete story at: Downtrend.com

(Hat tip: www.obamacarereporter.com)

State Monopolies Aren’t What They Used to Be

As governments expand their control over society, it can be easy for liberty advocates to get discouraged. But in many ways, freedom is on the rise.
Read the complete story by Julian Adorney at: The Mises Institute

Thomas Sowell: Opinions Versus Facts

Everyone seems to have an opinion about the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri. But, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to say, "You're entitled to your own opinion but you're not entitled to your own facts."
Read the complete story by Thomas Sowell at: Townhall.com